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Torture and its Psychological Effects in Northern Ireland

Tommy McKearney – “A groundbreaking analysis”

Northern Irish people are not mentally defective or biologically prone to mental breakdown. We need a social model that validates our lived experience, not a medical model that pathologizes them.


Front cover marxism and psychologyMarxism and Psychology

“Herein are a wealth of ideas to stimulate thought, contribute to a much-needed debate on the left, and clarify the need to refashion our society into a more humane and workable one. A task which is now urgent. ” – Ron Roberts, author,  Psychology and Capitalism: The Manipulation of Mind


front pageRank and File Rebellion: The 1981 Ontario Hospital Strike

In 1981, Ontario hospital workers defied their employers, the government, and their own union officials to wage a 9-day illegal strike.  Written by a rank-and-file strike leader at Toronto General Hospital. Includes four pages of comments by hospital workers about their experience of the strike.

Striking Flint front coverStriking Flint: Genora (Johnson) Dollinger remembers the 1936-37 General Motors sit-down strike

In 1936, auto workers in Flint, Michigan occupied their plants. Their courage resulted in the unionization of the General Motors Corporation and, eventually, the entire auto industry.


Genora (Johnson) Dollinger’s role during the strike has been portrayed in two film documentaries: The Great Sit-Down Strike, by the British Broadcasting Corporation, and the Academy Award-nominated documentary, With Babies and Banners: The Story of the Women’s Emergency Brigade. Striking Flint is the only written account of her story, told in her own words.


Front Cover

Why the U.S. Government Assassinated Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the 1960s, Roland Sheppard regularly attended Malcolm X’s meetings in Harlem.  He is one of the few remaining people who personally witnessed the assassination of Malcolm X in the Audubon Ballroom.



Professional Poison cover

Professional Poison: How professionals sabotage social movements,  and why workers should lead our fight

Professionals lead unions and other progressive organizations and they also hold them back. The skills professionals acquire to manage an oppressive system are the opposite of the skills required to challenge that system.


Sick and Sicker cover

Sick and Sicker: Essays on class, health, and health care

Reducing income inequality in the United States would save as many lives as would be saved by eradicating heart disease or by preventing all deaths from lung cancer, diabetes, motor vehicle crashes, HIV infection, suicide and homicide combined. Even greater benefits would flow from eliminating class divisions entirely.


E-CoverPOWER and Powerlessness

A clear, passionate, and inspiring call for socialism. A treasure of useful information for understanding the world and how it can be changed.




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