Rank and File Rebellion: The 1981 Ontario Hospital Strike

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Ron Rosenthal, author:

“The Ontario Hospital Strike poses important questions for the union movement. What compelled hospital workers to strike illegally? How were members able to maintain the strike despite opposition from union officials? What forced the strikers back to work? What strategies could have been used to keep the picket lines strong? And how can we better prepare for next time?”

In Their Own Words (p.30):

Food service worker: “The strike was a necessity, it brought us back to life, it restored my pride.”

Woman striker: “I don’t regret it – in fact, I’m glad we struck. You couldn’t begin to understand what it meant for me. I’m a different person at home and at work.

How to be a Socialist at Work (p.35):

Our aim is to organize workers to take control of the workplace and, eventually, the world. If workers haven’t got the confidence and the ability to get more toilet paper, then they won’t be able to challenge the capitalist class.