ReMarx publishes shorter works for left-wing activists. We do not publish academic books or fiction. We are especially interested in material that explains our world and how to change it.

If you would like ReMarx to publish your work, please send an email to with the heading “Submissions” and include the following:

•    a brief explanation of your topic and why it matters
•    a two-page sample of your writing
•    a time-line for completion of your work

Don’t worry! Not everyone with something useful to say is a good writer. If we select your project, we will help you edit and complete your work.

We hope to hear from you soon!

About ReMarx Publishing

ReMarx Publishing was launched in January, 2014 to fill a void among left-wing publishers. There are plenty of books about capitalism, socialism, and working-class history. However,  many are long, academic,  and difficult to read. There is a reason for that.

As the capitalist class escalated its attacks against workers during the 1970s, many socialists sought refuge on university and college campuses. This strategy kept theoretical marxism alive, but the call to action got lost in abstract academic debates.

Today,  millions of people are looking for an alternative to heartless capitalism. They need shorter publications that are easy to read, get to the point, and offer a way forward.

ReMarx titles are available in print form, as e-books for mobile devices, and as pay-what-you-can pdfs.

Read.  Share.  Organize.

Susan Rosenthal – publisher